Our Year-round Programs

Custom Voice Instruction


By custom we mean custom!  Our instructors cover the spectrum from performance coaches, to teachers from some of the finest institutions / conservatories of music in the US!  All at a very affordable cost to you!

Acting/ Theatre Classes


Whether auditioning for the first time in drama or music theatre, we have the veteran performers and directors to help you find your voice!

Tech For Stage and Recording


Have you ever wanted to work with recording software or create electronic music in a studio or on your home PC, phone or tablet?  This program might be just what you are looking for!  Learn from some of the top technicians in our area.  

Piano / Strings / Percussion Instruction


Looking to take your instrument skills to the next level? We have you covered!  We have very talented and experienced instructors for multiple disciplines.  Or perhaps you would like to sign up for our low-cost classroom instruction in piano or strings.   We are ready to help you!

College Prep. Music Courses


If you aspire to a carreer in music/theatre or dance, we have specialized and affordable solutions to prepare you for the next level.  We offer instruction and master classes in music history, composition, music theory and technology that will allow freshmen to start their college career a step ahead of a typical student.   We also offer ACT/SAT prep and one on one tutoring in any subject!

School Search/Scholarships


Studio12 maintains relationships with the leaders/professors in many of the major music/performance arts institutions in the US.  We can introduce students to professors with the use of our Beam Telepresence system.  Using this exciting technology, students can meet professors at any university and learn more about the program they might attend. We also have a very extensive database of available scholarships, and our instructors will walk students through all steps toward qualification- From essay writing to audition recordings, everything you need is right here at Studio12.

Tutoring / General Studies

We have teachers from our local high-schools ready and willing to tutor students in any subject.  Let us know what you need to be successful, and to ensure you can attain your performance / education goals!

Composition / Songwriting

Studio 12 is proud to have a prominent local songwriter as part of our instructor team.  Learn to write lyrics & music, how to find inspiration, and what technologies are available to move your ideas from concept to I-tunes!

Keyboard Skills for the Singer

Our studio has a state of the art piano lab, and fantastic instructors!  If you are excited to pursue a carreer as a singer, you need keyboarding skills.  We can help!


All students can join or form ensembles and book time for band or acapella group practice right in our own instrument studio.  Don't have a guitar, piano, drums or bass at home?  No problem, we have instruments at the studio for you to use and enjoy!  And our instructors will be available to coach you, help you find sheet music, learn how to market your group and book performances!


Studio12 is excited and proud to partner with Shirley Van's Studio and The Dance Company to offer very affordable classes and instruction in Dance!  Ask any instructor for information on how to enroll in classes at the east side studio!

Physical Training for the Performer

Physical training is very important for the serious performer.  Find your balance in one of our specialized classes offered by certified instructors at our West and East Side studio locations.  We offer Certified instruction in Barre® and PIYO® and group dance class for fun and more!